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Digital “stitching” of X-ray films ..

… for residual wall thickness measurements of pipes, e.g. in refineries

Analog Film 300x167Often, several x-ray films have to be exposed simultaneously in determining residual wall thickness of pipelines via RT, because the interesting pipe part does not fit on one single film.

Stitching 300x212Now you can digitize the films via a specialized X-ray film scanner and stitch the single pieces to one “big picture”.

Calibration 300x248Next, the overall image needs to be calibrated, because it is a projection photography. The JiveX NDT workstation of our partner VISUS GmbH does the calibration by the known pipe diameter really easily but also very accurate.

JiveX NDT 300x225In the next step the digital measurements of residual wall thicknesses can be done automated and highly accurate as well.

In our opinion, the results are significant precisely and achieves reproducibility compared to conventional analog measurements.


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