Digitalization of industrial tests and maintenance processes still lagging behind; crucial data are not available for industry 4.0 projects

Performance and documentation of tests, either destructive or non-destructive, are core components of the evaluation of product and plant safety. Thus, the data of the individual test reports, including image data, have to be standardized and stored digitally in order for these data to be able to inform safety procedures and to be forwarded to other information systems such as ERP, MES or QA.

Process optimization and development of digital business opportunities

Test teams, inspectors and the quality assurance and maintenance staff alike will profit from digitalization: information is only a mouse click away and can be easily compared and analyzed. The release procedure is accelerated and the clients receive test data for immediate processing as a B2B service.

Preparation for Industry 4.0

By storing test data, including images, digitally and in a standardized fashion you are creating a future-proof data pool that can be easily accessed by Industry 4.0 applications. Any intelligent system needs historic data it can analyze in order to learn and to recognize patterns.

Excel lists and paper-based reports are obsolete

Start your future today: Review your procedures and processes as well as the documentation of your tests and inspections of components and installations. With Smart Factory or predictive maintenance projects waiting in the wings you will find that your paper-based and Excel-based documentation make access to crucial data for the optimization of test processes and quality assurance impossible.

AAP-NDT GmbH supports your standardized digitalization efforts

We are looking for companies that aim to digitalize their non-destructive test processes and want to test out test report and management system TIMS.

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TIMS is your tool for

  • digital and individual documentation of your test reports and measuring data, be it RT, UT, PT, VT, etc.
  • digital and secure distribution of data to testers, inspectors, clients, staff
  • direct data exchange with your ERP, QA, lab system
  • establishing a standardized data pool for Industry 4.0 applications such as predictive maintenance.

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