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DRIVE NDT Honored by Frost & Sullivan with Product Innovation Award

DRIVE NDT Honored by Frost & Sullivan with Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan has honored the NDT workflow management software DRIVE NDT from AAP NDT and DÜRR NDT with the New Product Innovation Award. With this award, Frost & Sullivan recognizes the innovative core of DRIVE NDT and acknowledges the “need for seamless NDT workflow management software to maximize uptime and optimize work processes“.

“While other competitors' NDT workflow management software applications focus on digitizing and automating either single or multiple parts of the workflow processes, Frost & Sullivan highlights that DRIVE NDT is a holistic software that manages and automates the entire NDT workflow. “

It also shows the “deep understanding of the customer's NDT workflow processes” facilitates the entire project planning phase because detailed consultation in advance ensures optimal integration into existing structures and maximum customer benefit through the possibilities of DRIVE NDT.

Overall, the potential for increased efficiency through DRIVE NDT and the gain in control and transparency should not be underestimated: “Frost & Sullivan concludes that digitizing and streamlining components of the NDT workflow - including order entry, inspection, report generation, approval, billing, and archiving on a single platform - are critical to boosting the efficiency and transparency of the processes.”

Frost & Sullivan applauds DÜRR NDT for delivering a solution that is clearly attuned to unique industry needs, increasing its value proposition to customers. This is not surprising, because DRIVE NDT was specially designed for the NDT industry and is constantly being further developed by taking the customer's requirements into consideration.

In conclusion, Frost & Sullivan summarizes: “DÜRR NDT integrates and streamlines all inspection methods and processes on its holistic, cloud-based Drive NDT system that manages and automates the entire NDT workflow, increasing efficiency and productivity. With its strong overall performance, DÜRR NDT earns the 2021 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the NDT workflow management software industry.”

This award encourages us on our way with DRIVE NDT to decisively advance digitalization in the NDT industry and in our claim to offer our customers the best solution.

Read the detailed award write-up


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