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 NDT is not state of the art in terms of IT

NDT is not state of the art in terms of IT

Important information and results are lost; time and money wasted.

Time and again in the course of our consulting service, we find that the industry as a whole is certainly prepared for the next technology generation but that the NDT sector lacks comprehensive IT strategies. That is unfortunate since this means that important test information cannot be further processed or is unavailable in the long-term.
Moreover time and money are wasted in the test process as well as in documentation since many isolated applications are used that make data exchange virtually impossible. Here the user must repeatedly intervene and manually prepare unstructured data.
Enormous effort is needed for quality assurance or the traceability of test results.
There is a need for a variety of standardised and integrative database solutions that improve the test process, securely document findings for the long-term and also enable evaluation for company strategy and product improvements.

Today, flexible and above all integrative NDT systems are available. We can only encourage management to regularly review their IT strategy within their business context.

Recommendation of AAP-NDT GmbH: The 3-layer IT model

1. Archive layer:

  • Vendor-neutral test data archive inter alia for images, videos, reports, measurement and component data in a metafile structure. This layer forms the foundation for long-term archiving and individual evaluations (for development, quality assurance, finance, services, etc.).

2. Middleware layer:

  • Analogue as well as digital data acquisition and consolidation in a standardized data model (e.g. DICONDE, ASTM Standard E2339).
  • Integration in current systems (e.g. ERP, QA, LIMS) and workflow support for the whole NDT process.
  • Distribution of test images to experts, inspectors and customers via a secure access.

3. Application layer:

  • This layer enables the individual and need-based view of the consolidated data at the workstation, resp. mobile device. The user can access current information upon demand.

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