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Viessmann Industriekessel GmbH

Viessmann Industriekessel GmbH

Digitisation in industry

In September 2018, together with our sales partner PTH GmbH Hamminkeln, we succeeded  in obtaining an order from Viessmann Industriekessel Mittenwalde GmbH.

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There, large boiler systems are manufactured for customers all over the world and the entire process of non-destructive weld seam inspection during production is currently being digitised.

Management by TIMS

Our software is operated on a server in the Viessmann IT computer centre. For ZfP employees, this solution offers the possibility of accessing TIMS from both the Intranet and the Internet via an encrypted channel. In a first step, TIMS digitizes the test protocol processes for the RT digital and RT Film test procedures. In interaction with the image evaluation and archiving solution JiveX NDT of our partner VISUS Industry GmbH, the first step towards digitization has been taken.


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