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Intelligent and secure video documentation for aircraft engines

Intelligent and secure video documentation for aircraft engines

Air transport and leasing companies, in particular, require secure and unalterable video documentation of aircraft engine inspections.

The healthcare sector has similar requirements.

Point in case: During video endoscope interventions the surgeon documents only the crucial sequences of the hour-long operation and archives them in a compliant manner for forensic purposes. Today image and video management systems are available that intelligently cut a film of a complete surgical intervention at the important points, convert the video data into the international standard DICOM (in NDT the standard is called DICONDE, ASTM E2339) and archive it in a compliant manner.

The vendor-neutral archive can be accessed from anywhere using protected authentication. Together with our technology partners in the healthcare sector we are currently developing a suitable NDT solution based on the ASTM DICONDE standard.


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