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Improved workflow for recurrent inspections in the oil and petrochemical industries

Improved workflow for recurrent inspections in the oil and petrochemical industries

Our potential customer is an NDT service provider inter alia for recurrent inspections to determine the residual wall thickness of pipelines in refineries.

The objective is to design a more efficient workflow for recurrent radiographic tests which also supplies more comprehensive data faster.

Our Test Information and Management System TIMS will automatically import the orders by refinery operators and prepare them for the test coordinator. This will allow the coordinator to enter other test requirements in TIMS using a mobile device and to add digital photographs of the test environment. Thus, all the necessary information for the testing team and later the inspector is available in digital form. When digitalizing the radiographic images (CR imaging plate system and x-ray film digitizer) the order data are transferred to JiveX NDT, the image management system of VISUS GmbH, which “weds” the inspection images unambiguously with the order data. Now the inspector can effectively evaluate the images using the JiveX software. The measurements of the wall thickness are documented in TIMS and an inspection report is automatically generated and forwarded to the refinery. The report in pdf format also contains the photographs of the test environment as well as the digital x-ray image. In addition the refinery receives the digital measurements from TIMS for further processing in its own management system.

The JiveX image management system stores the inspection images as well as the inspection reports from TIMS in its own vendor-neutral DICONDE archive (ASTM standard E2339). Thus all information is available long-term and can be accessed with one click.
Obviously all documents can be printed as hardcopy for analog processing.


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